I’m Back

12761069100e4284a339079f484887ab_004 Okay folks, I’m back.  Bare bones right now, but working to fix this this third blog up.  Same title as the last one — Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks.  New address, https://agw2536.wordpress.com  — at least I think that’s it.   E mail — agw2536@outlook.com.  I haven’t set it all up yet, but this is going to be it.  I hope.  I’m going to tattoo the password on my forehead and never, ever, ever change it for any reason again, no matter what.   At least not until my ISP phases out and I have to go to the iPad, which could be any day now.  But if that happens, I’ll still find a way to be back.

Okay, got work to do to get this puppy on the road.  Hope you find me again.  I’ll certainly be looking for you.



6 responses to “I’m Back

  1. I am wishing you welcome back and best wishes for things to be run smoothly! Life is sometimes a pain in the you know what! Smiles, Robin

  2. Yay! Glad to see you back. Suggestion: the green background makes it hard to read the print. Maybe another color?

      • apparently you succeeded 🙂 Will change your old url to the new one in the blogatorium followers list. You will have to re-follow though if you want to kept updated of new posts through your reader/email 🙂

        and welcome back 😉

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