Test Post Number Two

Picture 060 A few years ago, can’t remember when, but the family was in and I was happily involved in crocheting afghans for my kids for the upcoming Christmas.  This was probably in August, and the immediate family was together for a reunion, to commemorate mom and dad’s anniversary.  Dad had passed away several years before, and mom was still living alone, as she does to this day, so we — or maybe they, decided to all get together and have a cookout.  What can I say about my hair?  I had scalped myself?  That would pretty much say it all.  I had.  I have a bad habit of taking the scissors and snipping off any ends I see poking out when I look in the mirror.  As a result, most of the time I look scalped.

Mothers Day 2014 015 Looking better today, because I can’t lift my left arm high enough yet to clip the scissors.  When ya can’t clip it off, ya eventually have to go to a professional to get it cut, so it looks a lot better.  I’ve also lost about half of myself since that earlier year, and no longer have the fat clothes.  That means I have to watch my diet now, because I sure can’t afford new clothes any more.

So I’m mostly rambling here, just to see what this will look like once it’s published.  Can’t seem to get the gravatar to come up, but I’m still working on the beast.  I think I’ve lost a couple of brain cells since the last time I started the blog back up, and the first time I started it.  They say the third time’s the charm, so I’m counting on that.  Sure hope you all find me again, because I sure don’t want to do all this work for nuttin’.



6 responses to “Test Post Number Two

    • I love all types of arts and crafts also. My grandkids are artists, one of them being great with drawing. I’ll be posting one of her drawings of my sweet dog that passed away a few years ago in a few days. She loves cats but can’t draw them, but she drew Max beautifully. Aren’t grandkids wonderful? Hugs, Angie

  1. Nothing wrong in cutting your own hair 🙂 I cut my hubbies.. and used to cut my children’s hair, but they flew the nest along while ago…. My own hair.. I have to say I was never that brave,, as I couldn’t see the back..
    But I do enjoy Knitting and crocheting.. sewing and more…. Thank you for taking the time to comment upon my blog.. and follow.. Its lovely to meet you and your family..
    And wishing you good health as you beat MS… You seem one powerfully strong willed lady whom I am sure will put your mind over matter and heal where it needs healing.
    Love and Blessings to you..
    And again Many thanks for following .. 🙂

    I beat Fibromyalgia 🙂
    Take care…. Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks for following me back. My problem with cutting my own hair is the scalping part in the back where I can’t see it. Huge bald spots. I wore hats for years so no one could see.
      I love your blog, and hope you will like my memories and my train wrecks. Knitting and crocheting keep me busy when I sit down, and I usually make gifts for the family during my down time. And yes, it just takes someone telling me I’ll never do something again to make me determined to show them I will.
      Congrats on beating Fibro. That’s one tough battle. I had 3 doctors tell me I wouldn’t walk again, so naturally I had to prove them wrong. Have to use a walker, but I’m walking.

      Great getting to know you Sue.. Blessings and Peace…Angie

      • Brilliant Angie.. that’s the spirit.. 🙂 We are much more than our bodies.. and once we get our heads in gear.. the rest usually falls into step! 🙂 I can see we are going to get along great!.. Lucking forward to riding along in your carriage and being whisked along your journey 🙂
        Hugs back.. Sue

      • Going down to vote now Sue. Big quandary there. My candidate always loses, so do I vote for the person I want to lose, or do I vote for the one I really want and hope the jinx I seem to put on them will break this time. Or just write in Mickey Mouse? Life was so simple when we had honest candidates that weren’t paid for by big business and other countries. I just know I want Mitch McConnell out of there.

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