Out, About And Away I Went

000_0019 I had planned to get an early start this morning, head over to the bank, then to K-Mart and Kroger’s for a couple of items, and spend the day unlaxing in a luxurious way at home.  But then Irene called and told me she would be here to clean today, so I made it a later start than I wanted.  Not much later though.

I get tickled when Irene comes in these days and sees that my energy spurt is still working on overdrive.  All she really had to do was vacuum, and haul off the latest bags of discards from my closet and shelves.  She is another $10 closer to her dude ranch get-away in August, due to a lottery win last week.  The lucky lady ahead of her won $35,000, but Irene only got $10.  Still, every dollar helps I guess.  I’m not a lucky person, so I don’t bet on things.  On the other hand, if I do make a bet, the person, thing or team is a sure loser.

When Don was here yesterday we were talking about the primary election tomorrow, and he asked me if I had decided which candidate I was going to vote for.  I told him I knew which one I wanted to win, but that usually the one I voted for lost, so maybe I should vote for the one I don’t want to win and that way he would lose.  If that makes sense to anyone but me, I feel sorry for you, because that means your brain is as rattled as mine is.

Anyway, I got to the bank, cashed my check and went to K-Mart.  Forgot my list, of course, but I did remember what I was there for.  Got my ink cartridge, the potting soil and pots, and found a sprig of dill (not on the list) that the March of Dimes was selling for $1 as a fund raiser, so I bought that mostly because I love dill.  I was really proud of myself when I went through checkout, because I hadn’t even visited the clothing section.  I don’t need new clothes, just if I see some in my size I sometimes grab them if they are on sale.  Hey!  I’m a woman!  That makes it okay, okay?

Monday 5-12-14 002 After leaving K-Mart I traveled along the sidewalk to Kroger’s for bananas, eggs and Dr. Pepper.  That was all.  Three items.  While I was putting the bananas in my lap basket, a lady (?) with a huge shopping cart was trying to crowd me out of the section by pushing her way in completely disregarding the fact that I was in her way and there were people behind and all around me.  That’s okay.  It’s not like I had any place else to be in a big hurry.  I could sit there in my chair and out wait her all day long if she wanted to push the issue.  No one was falling over me, and I was comfortable, so about 10 minutes later, she seemed to realize she wasn’t going to get any bananas until I got out of the way, and I couldn’t get out of the way until she moved, so she let me out, I rewarded myself with some asparagus, and then went on to get the eggs and colas.

I’ve found that for every rude person like that one, there are a dozen people who want to help.  When I opened the door to pull out some eggs a lady saw me struggling with the door and rushed over to help.  She pulled the eggs out for me, told me to look them over, and didn’t move until she was satisfied they were all okay and I was happy.  A little boy helped me choose some yogurt, also not on the list, but at 3 for a dollar, why not?  I like yogurt for between meal snacks, and it made a little boy happy.  Another person picked up one of my shopping bags that had fallen off the back of my chair without my knowing it.  All in all, I live in a really great town with friendly, helpful people around me.  Drivers wave at each other as they go down the streets and roads, when I’m driving my wheels across the parking lots the cars will stop and wait until I cross and wave at me.  I like that.  I do know, however, to never, ever try to cross Frederica Street.  That would be suicide.  Even crossing when the light is red is dangerous, because the light changes within one minute.  That’s the tough part of small town living.

We do have more than one stop light in town, but I know which streets to avoid crossing, and believe me, Frederica is one of them.  J.R Miller Blvd. is another.  The best place is to go down town where the streets are best for crossing.  There is more foot traffic there, the buildings are prettier, the river is there.  And one day soon, I’ll be there again, this time with my camera in hand.  And a Polaroid lens so I can see what I’m shooting, I hope.



15 responses to “Out, About And Away I Went

  1. One mean lady can offset the three nice people, unfortunately, if she’s going to wedge you in there for 10 minutes, Angie. Run over her foot, slowly and accidentally, of course.

    I like hearing about the little boy who helped you get the yogurt that wasn’t on your list, though.

    Sounds like a good day out even without finding a training cyclist to haul you around the city.

    • I really don’t think she was being mean Mark. She just didn’t seem to notice I was there. And I would never run over anyone’s foot with the chair, because I’ve done it to myself and it hurts, big time.

      The little boy was so cute. His mom kept trying to get him away, but I told her he was helping me, and he was so proud of himself. I love it when kids are so nice and helpful like that, instead of being rude and obnoxious like so many of them are these days.

      • Yes, you are correct about not wanting to injure anybody, Angie. I didn’t really mean that. I just wanted you to nudge her foot, get her attention.

        That little boy will remember how grateful you were and do it again and again. That’s wonderful.

      • He’s being raised the right way Mark. As for nudging the woman’s foot, it would be impossible with the chair and her cart between us. She just had that far off stare, looking at those bananas like that was her main goal in life for the moment. If I hadn’t been penned in behind also I would have swung out of the way, but as things stood, I was stuck. It will probably never happen again–I hope.

    • I know Irene. Maybe the light flashing in her eyes would have alerted that woman that I was actually a living breathing person sitting there, and I couldn’t move until she cleared out and gave me room. She almost had her cart in my lap, but my chair kept me safe, so I enjoyed it all. And the friendly people more than made up for the one rude person.

      • Hehehe, I’m wishing now I had done that Irene. Not only that first one, but a follow up of the look on her face when she realized I had taken the first one.

  2. I am so glad that you pointed out you find nice people in larger amounts than rude people. Since I really wanted to know if that was ‘the norm’ or not. I am so glad that people are not usually rude or mean spirited towards you. I admire how you keep on going, making things brighter with your angel wings sending us positive messages! I like cola, bananas, sprigs of dill and also, asparagus! We could be planning the same menus, sometimes! I like dill weed in my dips and also, in mashed potatoes. Take care, Robin

    • Oh Robin, I think we must be related. Dill weed gives so much flavor to everything it touches, and the asparagus was sitting there calling my name, just waiting for me to come over and get it. For the most part there are very friendly people here, it’s just once in a while that I run into someone like that woman, but I honestly don’t think she even noticed I was there. She had her eyes on the bananas and never made contact with mine, so I think there was one thing on her mind, and that was getting her bananas. Hugs, Angie.

  3. hello Angie, I’m new to your blog, but I really like it so far. I love dill too, I love to hang it in my kitchen so it smells the place up. lol
    So glad you have so many nice people that will help and the little boy sounded adorable.

  4. The streets are so busy these days, you are one brave lady to be out and about in that little buggy lol…
    Its a shame that there are still so many rude shoppers about who have little consideration for people who have difficulties such as yourself in reaching items on shelves etc..
    I work as a support worker with adults with learning difficulties,, its not until you are out and about that you see just how many people are still so prejudice about people with learning disabilities .. As they cross the road to avoid them, or make rude comments within ear-shot.. Its disgraceful…
    I always say this in my own mind as those who have no patience with the elderly.. They will be old one day themselves..

    Glad you were able to get out and about Angie.. xox
    Hugs Sue

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