Keeping My Fingers Croxxed

Betty's wildflowers This is a picture sent to me by a friend in Colorado.  I’ll be surrounding myself with flowers for the next couple of days, because my picnic is scheduled for Friday.  I’ve been planning it for 2 weeks, anticipating, loving, being excited, waiting.  Now there’s a huge red flag on my computer with a severe weather warning sign on it.  THUNDERSTORMS.  They HAVE to be out of here by Friday.  Clouds are okay, but rain is a no-no.   It just can’t rain on my parade after all the fun of planning.

Wed. morning 5-21-14 015 from Jeanne-Marie blush spring violets any other name I took my camera out this morning when I went over to the pharmacy to pick up some band-aids.  So a couple of the photos are mine, the yellow flower was sent to me by my friend Jeanne-Marie, and the violet by Betty.  On the farm I had violets growing wild in my yard.  I planted them when I first married and moved there–5 little violets, and they spread into a carpet of violets every spring.  I hated the day we mowed the first time, and all the violets lost their heads.  Of course, I always had a huge bouquet of them in a small mason jar on my windowsill, but still, even though I knew they would be back in a couple of days, it was sad to see them lose their heads.

Wed. morning 5-21-14 010 The wind is blowing out there today.  The wind always blows around my building, but when it’s a windy day, we have a wind tunnel out there, so everything is, if you’ll excuse the expression, “blowin’ in the wind” (sorry Bob Dylon).  I do love that song.  It’s hard to get a good photo when the target is moving, but you can see the sense of rush outside, and just imagine the feeling I have inside myself today, waiting for Friday.

Wed. morning 5-21-14 002 I call the Dandy Lions Grammy’s flowers now.  When Anika and Laurie were 3 years old they discovered them in their favorite park and would pick them for me, usually the fluffy white version, and run with the wind blowing the fluff off “Look Grammy, we picked you some flowers”.  They have been my favorite flowers since that day in the They’ve grown up a bit since then.  Eighteen in June.  Laurie, the curly haired sweetie on the left, short for Laurentiu, his Romanian name, and Anika, dark hair that will do anything she wants it to do, short for Anisuara, her Romanian name.  They got along a lot better when they were 3 than they do now at almost 18, but I guess even twins grow apart as they age.  I’m pretty sure they can still finish each others sentences though.  And they can ride in the same car together.  It’s older brother Ethan and Anika who can’t be together very long without a SWAT team present.

family-412That photo is dark, but it shows the 4 kids in D.C. on one of their family vacations.  Note that Anika is on one end and Ethan is on the other.  The little rugrat beside Anika is Andrew.  We’re still not sure about him.  He’s just his own little entity, making us scratch our heads and wonder what recessive gene pool is showing up in him.  Red hair, okay, there’s Irish blood on both sides of the family, but my side is mostly Black Irish, except for Leo, with his curly blonde hair.  Who knows?  We’re gonna keep him.  He’s too cute to throw back.

Iris More shrinking violets here.  The sun is gone now, clouds are thick outside and I can hear the thunder.  Maybe it will blow over and outta here tonight.  I’m still thinking sunny Flowers growing by a friend’s house out in the country.  Friday 4-11-14 023 A bright red sunset from last week.  That’s a good omen.  I’m trying to bring myself good luck here.  Now to think of something edible that brings me luck.  Can’t have chocolate, it gives me headaches now.  My bottle of Vodka is full of vanilla beans.  BURGOO!!!  That will bring me luck.  First of all, I’m lucky to still have some.  Just not hungry right now.  Shucky dern.

Black-Locust-Flowers Brown eyed Susan backyard garden flowers Texas Bluebonnets April 12 Okay, I’m gonna go put my feet up and try to concentrate on making an afghan now.  If I don’t I might take off and end up in OZ, talking to the Wizard, or even worse, in the body of the Tin Man.



21 responses to “Keeping My Fingers Croxxed

    • I hope it extends here also Mark. If not, at least the county store is nice, but kinda cramped for a picnic. Still, any refuge in a storm will work. IT WILL NOT RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!! Uh, picnic.

  1. To quote Babs Streisand:
    “Don’t Rain Shit on My Parade.”
    (Oh damn! That was a title of one of my posts)
    (selfish plug there)

    • I think I just replied above this one. Must be getting late. Clocks aren’t allowed in my apartment, and mirrors have no place here either.

  2. Oh Angie, I have so loved my visiting this afternoon with you, and loved meeting the family….. I smiled at the Dandelion memory, My 3 yr old Granddaughter is now in the habit of blowing seeds all over the place as I taught her the one o’clock two o’clock rhyme that goes with blowing the seeds off each breath.. … to see what time it lands on when all the seeds are gone.. 🙂

    Your Sunset was spectacular and loved all the photo’s of the flowers..
    I so will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for fine weather on your picnic day.. I am off to a wedding on Saturday and its forecast heavy rain all day here too then.. Its raining right now.. Hence the computer time 🙂
    Have a beautiful day 🙂

  3. It was a wonderful bit of Oz here from beginning to end. I love the photos of your grandchildren, particularly the 18 year old twins. I hope and hope your weather was like our beautifully warm and special Friday! Take care and hope you did get some rest and relaxation, along with a splendid picnic, my dear! Smiles, Robin

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