Moonlite Madness

Tuesday 5-20-14 005 I’m standing here, windblown and happy, with two friends, Harriet on the left, and Mary Ann in the middle.  We went to dinner at the Moonlite BBQ Inn, not exactly the dinner I thought it would be, but we were all full afterward.

Almost every month the MS Society sponsors a dinner at the Moonlite for members of the MS Association in the area.  Since I have the disease, I’m part of the Ass.  I mean, the Association.  The disease just kicks like the former word.  Harriet and Mary Ann are my Senior Companions, and I wanted to do something nice for them, so I invited them to join me for the dinner.  TRAIN WRECK!!!  It was so embarrassing when we walked in and I was told I had the wrong month.  The free dinner is next month.  O—kay.  Mary Ann to the rescue.  I was going to just take them next door to the Big Dipper for a burger, but Mary Ann pulled out her plastic and said “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”  So, dinner tonight was on Mary Ann.

The Moonlite has been a fixture in Owensboro for as long as I’ve been alive.  It started out as a BBQ place where you would walk in the front door, walk up to the counter and place a take out order for whatever you wanted in the barbeque world.  Back then they had really good burgoo, too.  And the cherry cobbler was, and still is to die for.  Being the only member of my family who loves cherry I seldom got that small piece of heaven unless Mom Goetz was baking one, or until I grew up and started driving.  Then I got all the cherry cobbler I wanted.

Mom’s was the best.  She was my paternal grandmother, called Mom by everyone, and a magician in the kitchen.  Her cobblers were all so light and flaky you never wanted to stop eating.  And she had a cherry tree in the chicken lot.  I don’t know if any of the Goetz cousins liked cherries, but I can remember climbing that tree and fighting the birds for the cherries.  I’m sure the juice dripped all over me, but they were the sour cherries that I love to this day.  And Mom worked magic on them, turning them into the juiciest,  sweetest pies and cobblers I have ever tasted.  I’m sure she canned them for winter use, but at the time I was too young to care about later.  All I cared about at that time was beating the chickens and flying birds to them.  While most people have a sweet tooth, mine is a sour tooth.  I love green apples, sour cherries, and can eat a lemon without a single pucker.

Tuesday 5-20-14 002 Back to the Moonlite.  They have cabinets full of memorabilia on display, as well as for sale all around the place.  I took a lot of photos, but the glare from the glass made them all bad, so I was left with only the one taken of the 3 of us outside and this one that is only iffy, that I took in the foyer.   I tried to take photos of Mary Ann and Harriet with the carved wood Indian Chief in the foyer, but again, too much glare to make it a good photo.  I love sunny days, but they sure do mess with my photographs.

Well, we didn’t get our free meal tonight, but we will return on June 24 to claim it.  Maybe that night will make a better night for taking pictures.  My neurologist will be giving the talk at that one, and hopefully won’t be wearing his aluminum foil beanie.  There are times I think he needs a doctor himself, but he is a lot of fun to visit, and sure keeps his patients spirits up when we visit him.  Really, would you rather hear “You have advanced MS, and there is nothing else we can try” from a doctor who takes himself seriously?  Or isn’t it easier coming from a guy with an aluminum foil beanie on his head.  I like him, and enjoy his sense of humor, and that’s what counts in my book.  Much better than the one who looked at me and solemnly shook his head, telling me, “I’m sorry, but frankly, you can’t afford me.”  Same truth, but told in different ways, one making you feel okay about the world, the other making you want to kill the messenger.

So, okay.  I told Irene I would bring my camera with me when I went out, and tonight I did.  Not very favorable results this time, but I do like the photo with the old tractor, even though we kinda hid the tractor.  And I’m wearing my MS orange today.  All dressed in orange for no reason, except we did have a lot of fun on our girls night out.

Now counting down the days until my picnic at the orchard with Mary Ann, and hopefully some fresh strawberries to fill out the lunch.  And the camera will be present also, thank you very much.  I should have better photos Friday night.

Also, I’m going on an outing Saturday with Patty (before I called her Annie) who has recovered her sense of humor and her will to live, and we are going to the library, camera and all.  With our own type of corny humor busting out.  Now that she’s feeling good I can use her real name, and she thanks you all for the prayers for her recovery.  God works such wonders for people.  Say Amen.




21 responses to “Moonlite Madness

  1. Amen to good barbecue, a friend with emergency plastic, next month’s free dinner and Patty not needing to be called Annie anymore. Good night, Angie!

    • Thanks Mark. I think the best part of yesterday was seeing Patty come alive again and want to live. Then the fun at the Moonlite, even if we didn’t get the free meal and the sun glare ruined the photos I wanted. Now on to the picnic on Friday at the orchard!!!!

      • The beauty of a digital camera is that I can take a million shots and keep the good ones and erase the bad Mark. Just wish I could see the screen in the sun to be sure I only take the good ones. Big Sigh.

    • I remembered Irene. Too bad about the sun glare ruining the photos, but it was so good to have sunshine again I didn’t really care. And having fun was the name of the game. Took the camera out this morning too, so stand by. Don’t know what’s on it yet, but maybe some keepers.

    • I want some cherry cobbler too. So much. Just too darn expensive now they have taken it off the buffet. I’ve even talked to the owner, who married my cousin about that, but he won’t put it back on the buffet because it’s expensive to make. I have no respect for rich people who keep getting richer by denying poor people of cherry cobbler, even if they are my cousin by marriage.

      • I like that. I get the same sour feeling when I have to leave without my sour cherry cobbler. Now I’m gonna have to make one cause I’ve made myself start craving some.

    • It’s the wind Doug. I’ve cleaned the lens several times because I thought it was smudges too. Hey, get up here and help me write a post about your dad!

      • Just checked the camera Doug. Wasn’t the wind after all, or a smudge either. Had a piece of lint stuck to it. It’s gone now.

  2. I so love your chatter.. :-)… and thank goodness for plastic! every now and again.. 😉
    I am happy the the cherry pie brought back so many memories, its lovely how one thing will trigger another and the memories just tumble into place..
    Wishing you a good time on the 24th June… and loved hearing all about your day.. 🙂
    Have a blessed one..

  3. This was a super duper post! Loved it from beginning to end, I am so glad you included the photo of your friends with you, too. Sounds like most meals with friends, mistakes are made, hilarity ensues and all works out in the end! Hope your picnic was delicious and the strawberries, too. I like fruit crisps more than cobblers, since my ‘tooth’ is definitely a sweet one! I love the brown sugar, oatmeal, butter and sometimes cinnamon on top of apples, cherries or other fruits. I will get for Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel, their apple and pecan pies with streusel topping. This includes another fine ingredient, nuts! Smiles, Robin

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