Getting Ahead Of Myself Second Attempt

Mothers Day 2014 015 Okay, I was going to wait until tomorrow to start this up again, but I’ve been fooling around with it all day, off and on and just had to go ahead and start writing.  My last post was about my memories of growing up, and my visit to my mom on Mother’s Day.  This is the photo taken by my grandson, Andrew of Mom, with me behind her, Tony on the left and Ray on the right, looking kinda washed out for Ray.  Well, is it my fault they are both so tall and have white hair while mom and I still have dark hair?  We got the good first daughter genes, that guaranteed dark hair until our 90’s.  That’s a precious gene that can’t be wasted on on a snuffling brother.  Or, for that matter, on a younger sister.  It’s reserved for the oldest sister, thank you very much.

Elaine has always tried to stay blond, and has managed to retain the blonde, uh, image? Picture 057 She’s actually smarter than she acts, but loves to put on the ditzy blonde act, except when she’s at work.  Elaine is a nurse, and any time I’m in need of a nurse, I really want her there, but unfortunately she flew the coop many years ago, and now lives in Colorado.  Wouldn’t ya just know it!  She did work at our local hospital ages ago, when I had some surgery, and she had one of my nurses bring my water in all safe in a sippy cup.  I thought that was very sweet of my lovin’ sister.  My nurses thought it was a lot of fun also.  Yeah, she may be the baby, but she’s family so I have to keep her.  Since I was 14 when she was born, I have to take part of the blame for making her such a blond.  I spoiled her.  Got my first job and bought her a toy every pay day.  Until the Friday I came home and she came running to meet me with a big smile, open arms and shouted “Angie, what did you get me?”  O–kay.  A few weeks later she was happy enough just to see me come home again.

Mary's Family This was most of us in 2000.  We had a huge family reunion of mom’s side of the family that summer, and 3 of my 4 brothers were here, only Steve missing the event, and both sisters.  Some family members weren’t born yet, some have disappeared through divorce, all of us are older, like 14 years older.  Want me to identify them?  I will if you really want to know.  Okay, here goes.  Back row: left to right. Ethan, Mike, Tony, Angie, Don, Norita, Brandon, Ray,  Elaine, Mark, Larry.  Middle Row:  L. to R.  Nancy, Marcia, Janette, Logan, Mike, Jayna, Bristle Thistle, Amy, Mom.  Fr0nt:  L. to R.  Gina, Laurie, Faleasha, Anika, Jonathan, Matt.  Hummm, I missed Erin in there somewhere.  And Diana.  That’s a tiny photo to work from.  I do recognize my 3 kids though.

Speaking of my kids, today I adopted a “new” daughter online.  I’m sure a lot of you have met her.  Marisa Procopo of Eve’s Apple.  She’s going to come down and join her new brothers and sister for some southern cooking some day soon.  And look Marisa, this is your new family, or part of it.  Just the immediate part, but there are a few additions since then, Noah, Andrew, Eli and Camden.  You see, Jayna and Brandon got married a few years after this photo was taken, and Eli and Camden are their kids,  Noah is Mike and Janette’s son, and Andrew is Gina and Bill’s.  Hey, Bill is in there somewhere too.  Maybe the second Mike is actually Bill.  He used to have a beard, since he really is a professor.  Gina got her second Master’s degree when Bill got his Doctorate, and Don asked her if she was going to call him Dr.  She immediately shot back, “Sure, as long as he calls me Master!”  That’s my kid.

Okay, going to call it for tonight, climb in my nest, and try to get some sleep.  Y’all have a good one.




28 responses to “Getting Ahead Of Myself Second Attempt

    • It’s a deal Mark. That password is tattooed on my forehead and will stay where it is now and forever. No more changing it. Now to get my picture back on the page. Can’t remember how I did that before.

  1. Welcome back!

    I still want to figure out the other site, if only so you can transfer your content over. Yesterday just went out of control, but I am going to keep trying.

    ((Hugs)) You were missed! ❤

    • I got you back Jeanette. I’m still working on getting a photo up on this one, but not having a lot of luck so far. It used to be easy, but this time they are making it hard to do.

      • Everything is messed up, so it isn’t just you. All my UK followers are being treated like spam now :-\

      • Yikes. I’ve had that happen to my mail several times too. Makes me wonder what’s going on with the Internet. Some days I really hate it. Other days I love it.

    • Thanks PLGCM. It’s good to be back and finding my old friends again. I needed a couple of down days, but then was ready to go again.

  2. Angie I really enjoy your blog. I am not a blogger but am able to receive and enjoy yours. Great picture of your family.

    • Diane, I’ll bet you could write a blog if you tried. I didn’t think I was either until I sat here one day and started writing. I’ll be adding pictures of you guys later this week, so stay tuned.

    • Thanks Colleen, it’s good to meet you. I think I love Mark, even though I’ve never met him. I’m going to adopt him immediately.

    • Ah, so glad to see you here Anne. I kept trying to get you up in my reader again, but it wouldn’t come up. Mark’s the greatest, isn’t he? I’ll never, ever change my password again, even if it means I infect the computers of everyone in the world — and that’s exactly what I told the WP Support people who gave me no support at all. They absolutely refuse to allow password changes, even when they say it was done successfully. AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

    • I know Jess. It’s the luck of the Irish for the oldest daughter to get the dark hair, because my mom is also the oldest daughter and at 94 most of her hair is also still dark. Just started getting gray a couple of years ago. It’s good to be back again. Just hope I don’t have to go through this again.

  3. I love the photo with your brothers and Mom, too. I also like your sister’s blonde hair. She looks good in it, natural, too. I have an 86 year old Mom, who you may someday wish to go back and read her funny takes on things, like spraying flies with hair spray and her Sofia Vergara story. She is a hoot! Take it easy and hope your evenings are relaxing! Smiles, Robin

  4. Thanks Robin. Elaine does look good as a blonde, and it is natural. After she had chemo though and her hair grew back in it was coal black and curly, very unusual. I had a cousin who had the same reaction after her hair grew back. They both wore towels around their heads until they could go out and get the hair changed back to blonde. Mine has some auburn in it when the sun hits it just the right way, and the middle sis had black hair before it started turning gray. I will take you up on the idea of going back and reading your mom’s stories. Since you mention it, I’ve sprayed a few flies with hair spray myself. Peace, my angel. Angie.

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